Mexican Crazy Lace


$ 225.00 

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Oh how I love this beautiful stone. It looks like lace or clouds.

This piece measures 3in x 1.5in on an 24in chain. It hangs lower then other necklaces below the sternum. 

If there’s anything you need to know about the Crazy Lace Agate, it’s that it’s a happiness stone. In case you know this stone by another name, it’s also called Happy Lace, or the Laughter Stone. 

Its energies are strong, yet soothing and energizing. It vibrates at a lower frequency compared to other gemstones, which means it can bring your own energy to a more grounded and attuned frequency.

The Crazy Lace Agate will show you how to stay present in the moment. No matter how much you’ve got going in your life right now.

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