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$ 325.00 

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Amphibole Quartz sent in Bronze.

This piece measures 3in x 1.5in on an 18 in chain.

Amphibole Quartz, Brazil: Amphibole quartz is a unique combination of four minerals found only in one area of Brazil: lithium, hematite, limonite & kaolinite, these minerals have grounding and calming energies. Amphibole is sometimes also called angel quartz and is thought to connect us with angelic guidance. 

<<Suzanna of Mineralogy Project has studied with The Crystal Ally Cards author Samaya Aster (aka Naisha Ahsian) for the past year and these meanings are a combined offering that include components from the work of Samaya Aster and Suzanna's own experiences with the stones during meditation and conscious engagement>>

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