Mineralogy Project + DB/CB Jewelry Collaboration +Tiny Rose+


$ 190.00 

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Mineralogy Project + DB/CB Jewelry Collaboration

Small chunk of strawberry rose quartz set in Bronze.

50% of sales go to NAACP and NAVAJO Covid-19 Relief.

Watermelon Rose Quartz, Brazil: Rose quartz is a water element, heart chakra stone. It supports love, self love and heart healing. It brings loving and heart centered energy into your space and your energy system. 

<<Suzanna of Mineralogy Project has studied with The Crystal Ally Cards author Samaya Aster (aka Naisha Ahsian) for the past year and these meanings are a combined offering that include components from the work of Samaya Aster and Suzanna's own experiences with the stones during meditation and conscious engagement>>

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